Thursday, 1 May 2008

Who's that with the pink geetar?

G L WilsonSorry, I've no stories of any particular interest today. Nor do I have any horrendous or ultra-cool eBay finds to share with you right now.

However, I do have this, a photo of Yours Truly that I just re-discovered. (Just in case you thought the black cat sitting on a Vox Brian May amp was me).

I reckon that this photo must have been taken way back in 1989 or thereabouts.

I was playing guitar in a band called Damn It Janet who went precisely nowhere. I played a matching pair of paisley pink Fenders - a Stratocaster and a Telecaster - through a VOX AC30 piggyback amp. Sadly, all have been sold now, although I think I might still have the spotty shirt.

I've said before how I regretted selling the paisley Fenders but I needed money at the time (bills to pay) and since I wasn't playing them, they had to go. (I was favouring a Fernandes Revolver Pro at the time... very strange, I know. It even had a dreaded EMG pickup in it, for crying out loud!)

If you are interested in seeing a slightly more recent picture of me, then I refer you to this post.

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