Friday, 30 May 2008

The Biscuit Tin Les Paul

Biscuit Tin Les PaulBlimey, just look at that finish on this Les Paul replica. I'm sure my old grandmother used to have a biscuit tin with a design just like that on it.

The seller had this made for him with his own name on the headstock, but is selling because he wasn't happy with another brand name appearing on the back of the headstock. Check the pics on the link - it says "Gibson" which this guitar almost certainly isn't. The case also features the Gibson logo. Now, call me cynical if you like, but why do I suspect this was made in China?

Now, there's nothing wrong with replicas, but with that logo - even positioned where it is - I'd say that this was borderline counterfeit. Except, when did you ever see a Gibson with this lovely biscuit tin finish?

[Note for US readers: biscuits in the UK = cookies.]

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