Thursday, 2 October 2008

Bond Electraglide

Bond Electraglide

I remember when these carbon graphite Bond Electraglide guitars came out circa 1986. I thought the "fretless" stepped neck design was pure genius (in theory anyway) and always wanted to try one. However, it's quite a rare beast. When did you ever see one of these? The seller of this one claims that they were financed and endorsed by The Edge. I can't ever remember seeing him with one, but perhaps a dedicated U2 fan could point me in the right direction there. The only person I ever remember playing one of these was Mick Jones of Big Audio Dynamite (and formerly The Clash). I'm surprised that no-one else ever took up the stepped neck design. Perhaps it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Has anyone out there ever played one of these? Let us know.


  1. are you wondering about the sound or the playability?
    if its the sound you could check out this youtube video.

  2. Ha, just found this article. I have an Electraglide, was a Bond sponsored player. Reason that U2, BAD, Simply Red and more played these is because booking agency Wasted Talent lead, Ian Flooks, was a Bond partner, and I believe co-founder. A small band I was in, Ten Ten, was also with Wasted Talent so I got one. Plays great, really amazing. Problem was, at least for me, that to get a good live tone it needed to be carefully paired with a proper amp. I played a Fender Twin and Peavy Stereo Chorus and it didn't sound good with either. And I wasn't willing to get a separate amp just for this guitar. If I did I'd go with a darker tube amp like Ampeg or Marshall. Not a Vox ac-30, tone would be too thin. Running direct into a board it has a very good sound. And I get a nice tone with my Hot Rode Deluxe when I crank up the mids and bass, back off the treble.

    I'm researching this because it's time for me to sell mine.



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