Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ampeg AEB-1 Bass

Ampeg AEB-1 BassHere's another Ampeg, this is one I consider to be quite tasty and desireable. It's an original Ampeg AEB-1 Bass and appears to be in all original condition, other than having been converted to fretless (which is no bad thing in my book).

I love the through-body f-holes, the double-bass styled headstock, and also the fact that this bass comes with a spike that can be screwed into the bottom so that it can be played as an upright.

You'll notice it doesn't has any obvious pickups. Some of the earlier Ampeg basses featured a rather unusual pickup that was supposedly a bit like a speaker in reverse mounted beneath the scratchplate. I'm not 100% on how exactly these functioned, so if anyone has any more info, please don't be shy in offering it up for us.

Eastwood Guitars make some nice copies of these basses in both fretted and fretless versions but with the more usual magnetic pickups.

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