Monday, 25 June 2012

Your Guitars: "Uncle" Bill Kennedy and his Framus Hollywood solidbody
Bill writes:
Regarding Framus. I was stationed in West Germany in the late 50s and early 60s. Came over with a beautiful Magnatone guitar [pictured right] and sold it to buy a Framus Hollywood solid body.

It was an outstanding guitar. I sent a picture of me to Framus and they posted it on their vintage site. Also featured me in one of their advertisements. Check out the below sites. The site has a lot about the guitars I’ve used.

Love your site...

Bill Kennedy

Hey Bill, thanks for those great photos and some nice links.

Here at Guitarz we really enjoy featuring reminiscences and stories about readers' guitars, and we particularly like to see pictures of you guys with your guitars which helps to make your stories all the more personal. Keep 'em coming, folks - you can email me at

G L Wilson

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  1. Uncle Bill,

    You really need to get those bands in the registry at !

    Great backstory, thanks for sharing. Just curious, do you recall what you originally paid for that first Framus?

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