Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vintage & Rare Guitar of the Week: Framus Strato Bass from 1974
Whilst we're in a Framus state of mind, here's another Framus I'd like to show you, currently being offered for sale by Guitar Point in Germany and listed on Vintage & Rare. Again, I am not sure of the exact model. Its Jazzmaster-like styling is shared by several Framus Strato and Strato Star basses listed on the Framus Vintage Archive website, but they don't appear to have one with these pickups and pickguard. It's possibly just a variation of the Strato Bass.

It's interesting also to note that Framus made a Jazzmaster-styled bass three decades before Fender (or rather Fender Japan) decided to produce such a model.

This particular 1974 bass in near mint condition is being offered for sale via Vintage & Rare priced at €675.

G L Wilson

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  1. Carol Kaye's bass tutors used to have a cover design consisting of silhouettes of Fender bass headstocks and Jazzmaster/Jaguar bodies. I never really got that, and I'm surprised that Ms Kaye didn't correct the designer.

  2. Pretty entry level features to be asking that kind of money? However V & R. Anyone have an idea what they went for new? Still, very sensible.

    Gavin, even when the conversation is confined to electric guitar, excluding all other acoustic derivations, no, I don't hold myself out as an 'expert' either. With all the fly by night mfrs. over the years that have come and gone, unless you're saying you specialize in a certain line or type, I tend to think you've already hurt your credibility in simply making that claim.

    If it's a Vox question you have, Roger Tessier is your man! etc. IMHO



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