Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Aria Pro II SH-800 through-neck thinline semi
I realise that we're at risk of becoming the Matsumoku Fan Blog with a third post in a row about a Japanese Matsumoku-made guitar, but I make absolutely no apology for this. These guitars are still out there, are fabulous players, brilliantly engineered, and should be snapped whenever possible by discerning guitarists rather than buying the latest Chinese-made Fender Reissueocaster.

This Aria Pro II SH-800 is not a model that I remember, but is from circa 1979/1980 back when the logo on the headstock gave the name as "THE Aria Pro II". Although it appears to be a semi-hollowbody it's not part of the Titan Artist series; in fact it's of a completely different construction and is more of a Thinline - effectively a hollowed-out solidbody! The SH-800 and the more upmarket SH-1000 model can be seen here in this Japanese-language Aria catalogue from 1979.

G L Wilson

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  1. No apology necessary. Hell, you can SEE the value! Not nearly so dramatic as crackleburst but a beauty nonetheless. Can anyone verify? Normally when there's that much truss rod protruding ( it usually means it's broken loose )

    Assuming that's -not- the case, I'm all for walking around w/ your truss rod hanging out!

    1. Looks like a 'Bullet' style truss rod nut to me.

  2. Anonymous12:05 pm

    That's like a Matsumoko-backer in construction, like a kitchen table in looks and probably a bloody great guitar. Guitars as a species are so varied, and every once in a while you see a rare-bird like this one!

  3. Definitely appeals to me more than the previous models I've seen, very cool indeed. Natural finish is a beauty.



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