Sunday, 10 June 2012

1960s Silvertone/Kay 1413 single pickup electric guitar in (what should be) metallic green
The Silvertone 1413 guitar and its sibling the tremolo-equipped 1417 were only part of the Silvertone catalogue for 1963-1964. These guitars were built for Silvertone by Kay, Silvertone being the brandname for musical instruments sold through Sears. Unfortunately this example would have been a lot cooler if someone hadn't painted it black at some point in its life; having scraped away only some of the black paint to reveal some of the original metallic green finish hasn't helped matters a great deal.

I thought at first that the guitar was missing a bridge, but checking on the catalogue pics uploaded on the Silvertone World website it does appear to be accurate. I guess I was forgetting its a short scale guitar - or at least not very long in the body - and expected the bridge to be further forward. Silvetone World also offers the tidbit of information that:
The 1413s most famous role was probably onscreen with Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters in the Tom Hanks film 'That Thing You Do.' 
The 1413 retailed for $39.95 in 1964. This example is listed on eBay with a But It Now price of $395, suggesting that it is 10 times more valuable now than it was new.

G L Wilson

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  1. I think the black is on purpose. If you picture how the guitar would be if someone was playing it the black section kinda' looks like a bird.

  2. My first guitar (if you want to call it that was one of these:

    I paid 40 Irish pounds in 1988 for it!

  3. Cool guitar, but there's no way that I'd ever pay that much for this particular instrument, rarity or not. I do think that it would serve me well in making some psychedelic surf-rock noise, though.

  4. Know anyone that would want a 59 model 1304 Silvertone by Danelectro? Principally the same as the Danelectro U 1, the Silvertone version was only sould via the "wishbook" for that one year. I have an unrestored survivor that still plays very well. Feel free to email me at tootall1121@yahoo.oom for pictures or any questions. Cool site, dealing with something besides Gibson's and Fenders for a refreshing change.

  5. Here it is, neat & complete. Everything you'd want to know!!-quot#

    Someone has quite the memory to have picked that out from the movie. The whole scene was so silly with the 'band' ( obviously using musical props ) you'd have to freeze the DVD to pick it out! Great work and kudos to the prop master for period perfect accuracy. Already have the Navy whites so I guess I'll just have to pick one of these up and I'll be all set!

  6. those pickups are the bees knees.

    1. Love that 'venting' in the bridge cover too. Man, this thing is smokin'! Later in the movie ( one of my fluff piece faves btw ) the DJ asks them what their 'influences' were and Steve Zahn pipes up and says "Captain Jack and the Shrimp Shack Shooters!"

      Which more or less sums up the era. Anyone that's never been in a band hasn't a clue about how much of life they've missed out on. So many people tend to view it as 'juvenile', especially more competent solo artists. I say, it's never too late! All the free aggravations elsewhere in your day to day don't seem to matter as much. IMHO

  7. It's a gorgeous guitar. So modernly retro. It looks like a manufacturer has made a new guitar so aged. Love the black on green look.



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