Monday, 18 June 2012

1999 Gibson ES-335 in bronze finish

Couldn't find any information about the unusual bronze finish of this 1999 Gibson ES-335, is it a custom shop product, a variation on a goldtop? I just find it beautiful, and it's good to look at nice photos of ultra-classic models!

Bertram D

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  1. Nice. Gibson also did an ES-137 in the same copper finish. One of the shops in London's Denmark Street had one for absolutely ages, so it obviously wasn't that popular.

    Here's a link to one:

  2. copper is actually more accurate than bronze...

  3. It looks edible.

  4. aged burgundy mist? If it is, it's very rare.

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  6. That is a beautiful guitar. I just received a worn cherry finish Gibson ES-333 semi hollow body as a present which is very similar to this guitar. The playability of these guitars is amazing, and the sound is rich and full. The copper finish on this particular guitar makes it very unique, and the gold hardware makes for a great accent to the finish. Does anyone know how much a guitar like this would go for?



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