Thursday, 19 September 2013

1966/67 vintage Yamaha SB-2 bass guitar in sunburst finish
Here's a rare beastie currently being auctioned on eBay. It's a Yamaha SB-2 bass, and dating from 1966/67 this is a very nice example of the first ever bass guitar that Yamaha produced. Regular readers will know that I have a fondness for these early Yamaha solidbodies, and indeed this example in a very handsome sunburst finish looks like the long lost bass sibling of my own most highly prized possession, my Yamaha SG-3 guitar.

With a starting bid price of $650 it'll be interesting to see what this sells for.

G L Wilson

Relisted with a Buy It Now price of $595.

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  1. Kind of bass you can rely on for many styles. The placement of the neck pickup will give you really deep bass sound. The price is quite low acccording to the quality of this instrument;

  2. nice little axe.
    however, in that condition not likely to get much more than what they are asking.

    1. What makes you think it is in poor condition?

    2. if you look at the listing you will some major buckle rash on the back and few other bumps and bruises.

    3. Aw, come on. You protest too much. It looks more like minor buckle rash to me.

      Hey, people pay far more for Fender Custom Shop guitars and basses with ridiculous "relic" beaten-up finishes. It's a mad world.

    4. 0 Bids.
      Item Relisted - starting at 595.00
      nuff said.

    5. Nuff said? All that says to me is that buyers on eBay want something for nothing. Have you tried listing any guitars recently? I have, and it's a right pain in the arse. Oh yeah, you get plenty of emails AFTERthe listing has ended with offers to "take if off your hands for..." (insert insulting low figure).

  3. Nice bass. I love that case interior!

  4. Very nice. I loved that guitar...

    Simon from blog

  5. That looks like a nice bass. Just up the road from me... :-) (Well - 30 miles and in the US that's just "up the road"



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