Saturday, 14 September 2013

Oh no, not another bloody guitar with skulls on it! Enough already!
Just what is the deal with skulls on guitars? As tired old clichés go, it has to be one of the crappiest. I suppose this particular guitar isn't quite as bad as some as the skulls are relatively subtle, but why have the bloody things at all?

It's a one-off design by Squid (apparently), and has a "weird for the sake of it" body shape. Very strangely for a guitar aimed at the Metal and/or Gothic contingent, the single pickup is in the neck position; I would have thought that for those musical styles the bridge position would have been better placement.

Currently listed on eBay UK with a starting price of £100 and no bids at the time of writing.

G L Wilson

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  1. Clearly this guitar is aimed at the under-appreciated "goth-jazz" market.

  2. it's not the best balanced guitar I've ever seen but its design is quite interesting. the lower long horn is useless but cool, you have a shark bite in the back for ergonomic playing, the handle replacing the top horn is quite practical and good looking, and the pickup in neck position is good for low tuning - not all metal is about shredding.

    i say thumb up.

  3. The Klingon Bat'leth comes to mind.
    I agree pretty cool.

  4. I think in the right hands playing the right music it would look quite good. Not my cup of tea though.

  5. It is unique, but for those people who prefers les paul body(including me).... ain't this just too much?

  6. Why not? maybe for a ridicously strange progressive 19 minute epic, it would be amazing

    1. "Ladies and Gentlemen - Derek Smalls on the bass. HE wrote this!"

      Jazz Odyssey, from "This Is Spinal Tap"

  7. sometimes people should just stick with start and les paul copies nice blog



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