Monday, 18 November 2013

1970s LOTOS bass - made in Poland and styled after Hagstrom
You'd be forgiven for thinking on first sight that this was a Swedish-made Hagstrom bass, but it's actually a LOTOS made in Poland. Actually, the logo does look a little like "LOTOR" but I guess that could be a stylized lowercase letter "s". The seller tells us:
LOTOS 1972

Lotos was produced in Lubin (Poland) since 1968.

Before 1968 in Bydgoszcz (poland) since 1966.

This is first polish bass

Inspirated from HAGSTROM KENT
For more see:

Currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $349.

G L Wilson

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  1. 350$ ?! Wow that's way too much. Seriously these guitars were mostly, pretty crappy. I've seen a hollow body Defil bass, the action was so high that I could put my whole thumb between the strings and the fretboard :P.

  2. Many Defil guitars werent treated properly as they ended in wet cellars or cabins. High string action can exist in every bass of the world, it depends on the owner

    The fat logo on this guitar is not original, original one looked like that:
    I took part on writing the article, and I think english version is quite ok



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