Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Erik shows us his self-built "plank" guitar
Here's an email from Eric:
I'm reading your blog everyday. This time I made simple guitar by myself. It's just a piece of pinewood, 1 telecaster single coil, a secondhand neck, no control knobs or whatever and at the back you'll find the output. Plug & play actually...... I put some thick strings on it to make it sound a little bit more fat. It will not make me famous or rich...... but proud enough to send you some pics. Oh, and the lines on the body are coming from a song of Minor Alps, just liked it.

Greetings, Erik (from Holland)
Hi Erik, thanks for the photos of your guitar. It reminds me of the plank guitars as built by our very own Bertram, and also the sheer length of the body is reminiscent of the cricket bat guitars we have also looked at on this blog. Hey, I bet it hangs well on a strap!

We are always pleased to receive photos of reader's own self-built or customised guitars - the more unusual the better!

G L Wilson

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