Sunday, 24 November 2013

An inexplicably Stratty Explorery thing

Did you ever stop to wonder what the bastard offspring arising from the union of a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Explorer might look like? No, I can't say that I did either. However, if this is a question you have pondered upon, then ponder no more and feast your eyes upon this Field Unique Metal Axe... at least that's the name that Cologne's now legendary (for all the wrong reasons) Music Outlet Shop have listed it under. Knowing their inflated prices it is worth a fraction of the Buy It Now price of €550.

G L Wilson

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  1. this looks like one of Bertram's sketches come to life

  2. Old 80's or early 90's syndrome; pointy "hip" guitars with a clear sound... Smells Korean and much too expensive! (Remember the buy it price is the price of a basic mim strat not speaking of Squier classic vibe series)

  3. I don't even want to know why they price their stuff so high anymore... my question now would be where on earth are they sourcing all this crap from? A while ago I think they had the remains of a vintage Fender Mustang that had been set on fire and priced the same as a mint example, they've probably still got it but going through all their listings is depressing.

  4. LOL its a copy of a hondo body design which was a copy of a JTG design.

  5. I remenber i saw in a "Cash Converter" (kind of pawn-shop in France) a guitar with the same formula: it was an Aria Pro II, with a Explorer shape, very accurate copy excepting it had a bolt-on neck, three single-coils on a pick-guard with Strat disposition and also a 5-way switch and tremolo à la Stracocaster. All white. I don't remenber the fretboard wood.
    Was very cheap (it was around 98 or 2000...the JV craze was not strong at this times), but i don't buy it because i'm lefty.
    Same for a Hondo LP "special" (one HB) copy...Sometimes i regret, but i'm not a speculator.



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