Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mystery semi-hollowbody electric guitar... Can anyone help identify?

I hope I'm not being too bothersome with this request, but I've come across your huge blogspot guitar repository and I'm having a bit of trouble identifying a particular guitar. I know these photos aren't much to go by; I was hoping you could perhaps shed some light about the make/model of the guitar. I would greatly appreciate any info.

Thanks, Tadej
Thanks for your email. The guitar looks to be a generic semi-hollowbody electric, although not styled too closely on the legendary Gibson 335 and similar models. Unfortunately I can't make out the name in red on the headstock. The headstock also has the "open book" silhouette which would have certain guitar aficionados screaming out "Law suit!" That ought to help someone out there to identify this guitar. Other than that, I'm afraid I cannot be any more help, but perhaps a reader out there might have some more information to share with us.
G L Wilson

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  1. Kinda looks like a Valco/ Supro/ National Fretboard to me . . . but the rest doesn't match up.

  2. Considering that this guitar belongs to Tom Haarbrücker of DxBxSx, wouldn't it be a simple matter to contact him via his website ( or Facebook page ( and...oh, I dunno...ASK him? Google Translate can help if you no sprecken ze Doitch.

    1. I personally had no idea who it was in the photo.

  3. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Duck tape really sets this beauty off well.

  4. Yeah, what kinda dumbass puts duct tape on a nice guitar, or any guitar for that matter?

  5. The tuners and truss rod cover date it as 1980s or later to me? This is really bugging me as I knew someone who had a guitar that was very similar, if not identical.

  6. I think that is an old Canora Japanese guitar from the 1960s, that has been refitted with new tuners and pickups. I have a vintage one in red also and the body looks identical. All the hardware appears to have been replaced though. The original one had a tremolo bar and were hell to keep tuned, due to the weak springs in the bar.



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