Friday, 15 November 2013

Jolana Jantar Czechoslovakian-made guitar from 1988
Árpád recommended that we take a look at this (his?) Czechoslovakian-made Jolana Jantar from 1988. It has a few of the usual Jolana appointments such as the proprietary hardware (bridge, tailpiece, and those very distinctive machine heads) plus what we can see of the fingerboard suggests that it has quite a radius to it (as did my Jolana Disco). It even has the same large plastic control knobs as on the Disco; they were rather rubbery to the touch and I personally didn't particularly like them but to swap them out for something more generic would somehow seem very wrong. It's interesting also to note the two strap buttons at the instrument's base so as to allow it to stand upright despite the Alembic-like point at the furthest end of the body.

G L Wilson

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  1. amazing that this guitar can have such a fine profile, and such an incredibly crappy looking logo on the headstock. In ANY decade, in any country, in any language, that thing is just horrible.

  2. I kind of like the logo. Puts me in mind of ITV Programmes for Schools c. 1980.

  3. Yes, the logo is strange, but good stample of the eighties... This full maple guitar is very good instrument, I like it.



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