Saturday, 2 November 2013

Something tasty for the Soutpaws: Hallmark Swept Wing in gold sparkle
Now here is something a little bit different for the left-handed player who is sick and tired of the usual lack of choice for those of their persuasion: it's a Hallmark Swept Wing in eye-catching gold sparkle. The influence of Mosrite is obvious, and indeed Hallmark have a touch of Mosrite in their pedigree as ex-Mosrite staff were employed by the original Hallmark company. The guitar seen here is one of the more recent re-issues, this one dating from 2005, although the seller claims that it is in brand new condition, having never been played or used. It's a pity for a guitar like this to be languishing unplayed in a collection. Someone needs to buy it and give it a proper gigging life, let it be heard and seen!

Currently listed on eBay with a starting bid of $973 and a Buy It Now price of $1,267.

G L Wilson

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