Friday, 1 August 2014

Red Rock M1 - Like the guitar? Then get on-board with Kickstarter
Here's an email I received from a (quite rightfully) frustrated guitar designer:
Hi Gavin

My name is Sean Mara, from North Vancouver BC. I love the blog, have looked over the past while and seen some weird stuff. But I have to be careful because… I am a guitar designer/builder. I love weird but as a designer I have to be careful what influences me. I hate copies. If I see yet another "new" guitar that looks like a Strat or Les Paul, I'm going to get a chainsaw and do a few mercy headstock decapitations.

Just spent a frustrating time trying to get major manufacturers to accept some of my creations. They are sssooo conservative, selling the same 2 designs for 60+ years. So I decided to take them on and have just launch a Kickstarter page to launch my designs.

The reason I am contacting you is to show you a few designs. Here's one I just finished. It is a one piece solid cedar 2 1/2" thick body with a 3 piece set neck and a fresh headstock for the others to copy. I'd really appreciate knowing what you think and if you would want other pics to mention it to your follower.

Cheers from Canada,

Sean Mara
RedRock Guitars
Be sure to check out this Kickstarter project to see Sean's other designs. You've got to admit, he's succeeded nicely in avoiding all the the usual design clichés! I particularly love the sculptured contours of the golden M1 pictured above. It has a very organic look to it. The headstock layout also looks particularly novel.

G L Wilson

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  1. Great stuff. Good luck Sean.

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