Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hohner B2 / B2A fretless headless bass wanted
Please forgive this rather cheeky post, but hey, as blogmaster of this guitar blog I don't think you can begrudge me the occasional perk.

To get to the point, I ended up playing a Steinberger-styled Hohner B2A headless fretless bass at a gig last night and I totally fell in love with it. I did ask the owner if it was sale, but unfortunately for me he wanted to keep hold of it. I really liked the size of the bass, nice and portable yet with a full-scale length, and also I found it hung really nicely on a strap. I also liked the neat flip-out knee rest to facilitate playing when seated. Most of all, I really dug the sound. We broke into a reggae/dub number that we'd been working on recently, and the bass really delivered that lovely dubby bass sound that I love so much.

And so onto the cheeky bit. I appreciate that it's a bit of a long shot but does anyone out there - preferably someone in the UK or Europe so as to keep shipping costs to a minimum - have one of these babies that they no longer require and might be willing to exchange for a electric 6-string guitar from my collection? (I have several in mind that I'd be willing to swap for the right bass). I'm not too bothered as to whether it's the B2 (passive) or the B2A (active) model, but I really do want the FRETLESS version of the bass (preferably unlined). I'm not worried about the colour of the finish, or about the general condition of the bass, so long as it's all in working order, the neck is straight, the action is good, etc. All the usual requirements, really.

Please contact me at if interested.


G L Wilson

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    1. Ah, come on, you must surely know I've already seen this? It's a bit shabby for £350 - if it was nearer £170 or so I might go for it. But I really would prefer to do a trade.

      Would also consider a Steinberger Spirit Fretless, by the way.

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