Tuesday, 21 April 2015

"The Real Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster" By Zachary Guitars


Alex Csiky is a Canadian guitar builder and the man behind Zachary Guitars. Alex seems angry, has a lot of venom towards the big guitar companies, and he may even hate you.

Don't take it personally though, it's not you, it's clearly him.

His "philosophies" are fuelled by a rage that is rooted in a passion for guitars. He despises expensive guitars made on CNC equipment and thinks that we are being duped by buying into the hype.

Honourable? Perhaps. But he also thinks that you may not deserve to own one of his guitars. I'm not sure what the vetting process is or if there is one specific, but he may not deem you worthy.

This Telecaster is both beautiful and a great example of this attitude. Calling it the "Real Fender 60th Anniversary Telecaster" because he thinks that Fender missed the boat on an opportunity to do something new with their Telecaster design.

I do really like this guitar. The design is great in that it pays homage to the inspiration yet remains unique. The  one piece padauk body is great and I can forgive the thin headstock because i really like the rest of the neck and the fret marker design. Odd though, that it seems to have both string-through and top load options.

At $2800 he'll not be a worry to the "overpriced" big companies.

Also, if the name Zachary Guitars sounds familiar, he went semi-viral a few years back with his Ikea Guitar.

Check out his retro site for some great entertainment.

R.W. Haller

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  1. Careful now! Whenever I go to the Zachary Guitars website I end up with a headache after reading his rants.

    1. I find a pre-drink or two helps

  2. Schizophrenics always write the best rants.

    We need to match him up with the people that make the Hang "drum" (that overrated gong-like tin pan) for a Battle of the Epic Egos.



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