Friday, 17 April 2015

Takamine GB-7C Garth Brooks Signature Guitar.

Here we have a signature Takamine for Garth Brooks. I'm not a Garth fan but there is no denying the stranglehold he had on the genre for a majority of the 90s. And, honestly with all the insipid "bro-country" dominating the charts lately something like Garth would be a breath of semi-fresh air.

I am, however, a fan of Takamine. This is a great example of one of their mid-high range acoustics of the 1990s. The pinless bridge is likely as good as that on any high quality guitar, the cedar top is a great choice for strumming and fingerpicking, and I believe these also had the Takamine Palathetic pickup. They are monster pickups and a big part of how Takamine survived as a company in the early years.

All that said, I hate this guitar.

Yes, I hate it. And for only one reason.

That sound hole.

That bloody goofy guitar shaped sound hole.

It looks like an idea that a child had in art class, or worse yet, it looks like a logo. I'm sure somebody thought it was clever.

They were wrong.

Am I alone in this hatred?

Currently listed at $1200 Canadian.

R.W. Haller

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  1. I guess since the soundhole mimics the shape of the body (albeit at a weird non-concentric offset), someone thought it was a good or clever idea. Maybe it had never been done before.

    I don't like it personally.

    And you're right- someone like GB would be a breath of fresh air in current country music.

  2. No. You are not alone...
    This is Difference for Difference sake. It will not sound better than a round soundhole, and it sure doesn't look better either



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