Thursday, 5 November 2009

Highly optimistic French eBayer

Someone has applied a very poor imitation Fender logo to this cheap and nasty vaguely-Telecaster-styled guitar from the 1970s. These appeared under various brandnames; it's probably one of Teisco's poorer efforts.

So, how much do you think the seller is asking for this dreadful example?

Would you believe €9,990.00? That's approximately £8,939.96 or US$14,754.10 which is quite frankly outrageous for this horrible plank!

I'm unsure as to whether the seller is incredibly stupid and really thinks that this is a long lost Fender prototype or whether he/she is aware that it's a pile of crap and is hoping someone out there is stupid enough to pay that kind of silly money for something that is actually hardly worth 50 quid (and that's being generous).

My French isn't very good - perhaps someone can translate the listing and what crazy claims the seller is making about this sorry guitar.

G L Wilson

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