Sunday, 8 November 2009

Franquin's Gaffophone

OK, GL Wilson stunned me with his Omstrument and there would be no possible answer to this extreme instrument if genius Belgian comics artist Franquin didn't invent the infamous Gaffophone.

Franquin's prominent character Gaston Lagaffe (seen here playing the Gaffophone) is not well known by English-speaking audience since these comics were never translated in English, but he and his monstrous instrument are famous in French- and Spanish-speaking countries, also in Scandinavia...

The Gaffophone is supposed to have an horrible and destructive sound (Gaston being himself a terrible musician, also playing sousaphone), being thus a frequent reference and joke amongst continental European guitar and brass players.

Some Gaffophones have been built for real, but of course could not match its supposed terrific sound.

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