Monday, 2 November 2009

Billy Boy guitars

Billy Boy
When surfing the Web I like to discover small guitar companies - I actually have in mind to start a new blog about these companies, for those who are bored to death with the endless reproduction of the same Fender / Gibson 4 models... I'm too busy now for an extra blog but I'll think of it seriously for 2010...

Anyway, browsing for what's going on in  the field of Italian guitars (you remember that Italy is providing regularly amazing vintage guitars for this blog), I just discovered the Billy Boy "brand" - well I think that the company is just one guy! Billy Boy guitars don't have a proper website but get along quite well with a MySpace - if you're interested, go there and check the many pictures presenting his different models.

Billy Boy has just three guitar models, the solid body that you can see on the picture, a semi-hollow and a Jumbo model - there are also some basses. His trade mark is the cartoonish skull bridge that exists also with a trem (if you don't like it, you can also ask for another bridge). Since his production rate is not high enough to produce stock guitars, most of Billy Boy's are one-offs, not for the shape, but for the pickups and knobs combinations. The picture I chose shows guitars with two humbuckers + one central lipstick and they are already slightly different. If you check other guitars on the Billy Boy MySpace, you'll find quite radical pickup combinations that I'd be embarrassed to describe here!


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