Friday, 20 November 2009

Yamaha SA-15

Yamaha SA-15

There is not so much information out there about the Yamaha SA-15 - like the SGV it was released in the late 60s but it was never reissued. I don't know it for a long time, but it was not a surprise to discover it, it's the good combination of Yamaha's long-lasting special interest for semi-hollow guitars and their great design work of this period.

Of course you cannot not notice the long lower horn - the Japanese trend that I love in Yamahas, Ibanez and Tokais of the psychedelic era, though unusual for a semi-hollow. Being quite familiar with Japanese art and design, it's the first time that I see an electric guitar that has a real Japanese feel, and is not just a copy or a variation of a Western instrument or an extravagant novelty - so I'm quite impressed.

It's a brilliant guitar, but if you google it, you will see it mostly with a sunburst finish, and there the magic is gone - like often...

[Additional: this black example sold on eBay just last week for $999 - GLWilson]

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  1. I have the same guitar and cannot find much info. Thanks for posting this.



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