Thursday, 7 February 2013

1967 Custom Kraft hollow-body

This Custom Kraft semi-hollow has some killer details - the beautiful Custom Kraft headstock, the double pickguard, the flash-shaped soundholes, the one bloc bridge/stoptail... I cannot tell if the strange positions of the knobs is incoherent or practical (I was playing my 25 year-old Ricky 620 today and I still don't get what knob does what - they have been on 10 all this time...)

When this guitar was made, Custom Kraft was a brand of the short-lived company created by the fusion of Kay and Valco, struggling to survive in the late 1960s and about to make room for the upcoming Japanese invasion. In just two years it released several very cool guitars, we'll definitely have to show some of them here! 

Bertram D

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  1. My 1968 National N380 has the exact same body, sound holes, pickups and bridge. It doesn't have the double pick guard and the switch, knobs and neck and headstock are all National.

  2. I have a Custom Kraft Bass guitar that looks almost identical to the hollow body on the left in the picture.

    I've been trying to track down info on it and try to figure out if its worth anything.

  3. i want to buy ur bass thom1974 intrested in selling?

    1. I have one for sale right now if your interested with the equally as rare optional case.

    2. I'm currently selling this bass if your interested. I have the original case with it as well

  4. Possibly but I'm really wanting to find out more about it. I corresponded with Deke Dickerson (The Strat in the Attic book) who agrees with my guess that its a 1967 Custom Kraft bass. He said it was most likely make by National out of Chicago when they were in the process of going out of USA production.

    Do you by chance know any back story on these guitars?

  5. I have this bass also if your still looking for one



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