Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wandrè Davoli Tigre bass

It's been too long since we last showed a Wandrè on Guitarz: here is a very cool light blue Davoli Tigre bass. It's one of the later designs of Wandrè, and is not as radical as his earlier models, but it's elegant and inventive nevertheless. I love these wavy lines! 

It still has an aluminium neck, even tough it's not as exposed as they have been, and the headstock is typical Wandrè, as are the pickups.  The big pickguard is as strange as you'd hope and combines beautifully with the instrument outline - that is the work of a genuine artist. 

There was also a Tigre guitar, that really needs to be reissued in my opinion! Anybody?

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  1. Great to see my guitar on this blog! It is now mine and I love it! :-)

  2. This is now mine. Cracked pick guard and everything. Great to see my guitar in blog. I brought it from Italy to America. It plays like a dream and it is in a good home :-)



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