Sunday, 24 February 2013

H.S. Anderson Houston

H.S. Anderson is a sub-brand of Morris Guitars that is itself a sub-brand of Moridaira GuitarsMorris being Mori anglicised - we're talking 1960s Japanese guitars there, and H.S. stands for Shiino Hidesato, a Moridaira employee who designed the famous Mad Cat - well actually famous as Hohner's 'the Prinz' (played by Prince) - a typical rebranding by Hohner USA of this Japanese take on the telecaster (I know, it's getting complicated, and we didn't even start on the pictured guitars).

Here we're having two different versions of the remarkable 'apple guitar' released by H.S. Anderson in the 1970s - the green one is the Houston model, the redburst one with the single coil being a Houston HS-A1. I saw different gear combinations - single coils, humbuckers, pickup rings, wraparound bridges... - and different finishes on many models but only on Japanese websites, so I can't tell much more about, sorry...

Bertram D

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  1. Fantastic. Looking at these two side by side is a good example of how just a few tweaks and changes can make a massive difference to the overall look. The green one while quite interesting doesn't appeal to me that much whereas I wish I had the readies as the sunburst one with the massive bridge, oval fret markers would be mine no question.

  2. I have one already, the green houston model but with metallic pearled blue color.
    needs few dents repair, i have it a long time ago. never knew it is so rare..
    nice to know that there's other color of this model.

  3. Could you Help me?? I´ve got a 80,s HS Anderson Explorer style guitar. I want to get the most complete info about it.

    1. It looks remarkably similar to the 1980s-era Aria Pro II ZZ Deluxe
      - see

      Different headstock shape, but Japan's Matsumoko factory were known to make this style of guitar for Aria and for other brandnames with different shaped heads.

    2. Hi I am in Holland . I also have a old H.S. Anderson. what is the value for handmade?



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