Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Framus 5/113 Atlantic

We've seen a Framus 5/113 on Guitarz before, but with a very different finish, and it's a lovely guitar, so it's worth having another look at it! Note the vibrato - again another model, as if German luthiers invented a new one for each new guitar! - and the single coil pickups slanted at different angles!  

Bertram D

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  1. Even though I've seen quite a few framuses's (framussi?) I've never had the oppurtuinity to eirther hear or play one. I'm not even sure if any of the artists (artistes in fact) I listen to have recorded with a Framus. But I remain intrigued.

    What are they like as players? From what i've seen they clearly knew how to make a guitar neck, so they usualy aren't kinked or warped, but still, are they a player's guitar? Or a collector's piece?

    Also, what do those wierd ass single coils sound like? They're big like a p-90, but seem to hjce something of the jagauar pickup about them what with all the metal. I'm imagining clear bright tones.



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