Friday, 15 February 2013

Musima 1657B hollow body bass

This Musima 1657B may seem unimpressive - a mere approximative copy of a Gibson EB-2 bass -, but I like it a lot: not only have I a thing for hollow body basses but I myself have a Musima 1657B and I'm very happy of it. 

I bought it by chance for 150€ on a Berlin flea market - I just wanted a cheap bass to learn how to play, but it got me into vintage guitars and east-European instruments! It's dark red and is better preserved than this one, which had its pickups, knobs and tuners replaced. 

Bertram D

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  1. Great piece of kit! I would love to put in a bid but it seems that the shipping only goes to Germany and I can't speak a word of German to send the seller a message to try to convince him to post it the UK! Oh well.

    1. hello, I have one of those great bass-guitars.if you are interessted in buying it let me know.
      my email is: can send you pictures of course
      greetings from Leipzig-Germany

  2. Interesting. No p/u selector switch? Or is tone controlled simply by mixing the volume knobs? Personally, and I appreciate your humility in acknowledging being proficient at guitar does not instantly confer expert status as a bass player, but I love these older hollow bodies as well.

    They recall the pre-power trio era where bass players were suddenly expected to not only play bass, but rhythm guitar as well as all KINDS of fills! The fact they can be employed acoustically lend all the more innocence.

  3. Anonymous10:27 am

    What strange land is this where semi-acoustic guitars appear in multiple sizes?

    The Framus 5/113 seems to be from the same place, an urban environment populated by small and large guitars, like something from Doctor Who...

    1. Ha! I've seen a recent rash of mini 'tribute' signature guitars for $35 (US) and they're perfectly ridiculous. No idea who they thought would be the 'market' for those things? Just goes to show how over saturated this arena is w/ people working every imaginary angle desperately trying to cash in on what they're SURE is this huge demographic.!?

      You can even buy a 1/8th replica of Ringo's Ludwig drum kit for $359! Has its own glass display case. When I look at how fast that generation is aging/faltering healthwise, it's safe to say they badly mis-timed the market. But, given this economy, I can't blame anyone for trying?

    2. kings of photoshop!



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