Thursday, 21 February 2013

Millimetric guitar and bass

Florian Schneider, a luthier from Montréal, informed me about his instrument brand Millimetric.  He builds guitars and basses under the professed influence of Travis Bean and Obstructure, transposing some of their aluminium innovations for wooden instruments. I love their minimalism and Japanese-style (not Japanese guitars, but Japanese traditional design), and the Travis Bean headstock looks pretty cool in wood. Now I imagine them made out of ebony...

Bertram D

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  1. Not to be confused with the OTHER Florian Schneider, I'm guessing?

  2. Of course not but if Kraftwerk had used guitars these ones would have fit perfectly in their universe.

    1. Kraftwerk DID use guitars on their first four albums (yes, there's even guitar on Autobahn). Florian himself used to play a Hawaiian-style lap steel, and Ralf played a Fender Precision Bass.

  3. Gorgeous. The Symmetry almost smacks you in the face helped on the guitar particularly by the knobs on the centreline. Maybe slightly longer horns for the guitar too?

  4. The things people do to nice chunks of wood but the exposed truss rod end is a guitar tech's dream.



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