Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another Daion Headhunter 555

This (magnificent) Daion Headhunter 555 is nothing new for Guitarz' regular readers, we've seen one here - but it was already back in 2010, and this picture is much better than the one I showed last time ! Even the sunburst finish - that I usually quite dislike - looks cool!

And one picture reveals something I didn't know, that though it is a semi-hollow body, the Headhunter has a string-through-body bridge - it is quite unusual if I'm not wrong! [It has a solid centre block in the body, like on a Gibson 335. See: - GLW]

You will also find extra information about Daion guitars on this other previous post.


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  1. Hi. The Washburn HB-35s of the early 1980s, share the same bridge (yes it is string through) and pickups, and were made in the same plant (Yamaki) as the Daion Headhunter 555. Washburn also used this bridge on the Wing series, and Daion used it on its electrics as well. Washburn called it "Harmonic Lock". It has a hex nut on the side which is tightened down to hold the saddles in place for better tuning. The early 80s HB-35s from Japan are incredible instruments.



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