Monday, 13 February 2012

Johnson metal body LP-style prototype - one of only five made

Metal body guitars are not only cool, mostly they have a unique sound, or at least exceptional sustain - since it seems to be the supreme quality of electric guitars nowadays - something that requires rigidity, and what could be more rigid than steel? (don't answer me, physics is not my domain).

This one is a prototype branded Johnson - unfortunately Johnson is too common a name to make serious research about it so I don't know much more about it - based on a Les Paul and similar to a Trussart SteelDeville (since I personally prefer shining chrome to rust and faux-patina, I favor the Johnson copy but that's just my point of view). Johnson's steel body guitars never reached production - the project was to keep it affordable and this didn't succeed - and only 5 prototypes were ever made. Well, honestly, I wish it could be mass produced in a Chinese factory, because this kind of guitar shouldn't be so rare, it could even be a standard, couldn't it?


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  1. The logo on the headstock looks similar to the Johnson amplifiers that came out about a decade ago. They were the first modeling amps that had tube preamps that I ever remember seeing.

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