Monday, 20 February 2012

Yngwie Malmsteen Fender Japan Custom Shop Doubleneck Stratocaster

Genuine Fender doubleneck stratocasters are rare, since they've been only issued by Fender Custom Shop in very limited quantities - and this Yngwie Malmsteen model is probably the most common double neck strat since almost 200 were released in 1993/94 by Fender Japan Custom Shop.

It has the typically Yngwie features - that make it quite unique with its scalloped fret boards - I don't think I ever saw a scalloped 12-string neck before - an even less on a twin necks guitar!

The colour is supposed by be faded Olympic White, though to me it looks more like this pale yellow they used to paint office walls in former East-Germany - different cultures generate different reference fields I guess...

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  1. hi
    what a beauty
    is this for sale?
    i really like to buy this.
    Can you contact me on
    king regards Tom



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