Thursday, 23 February 2012

1950s/60s East German Musima Record archtop guitar with generous German carve
This Musima Record (the seller thinks it's from the 1950s or 1960s) is quite a glorious object to behold even if it wouldn't be your inclination to make music upon it. It features a generous German carve with an inset stripe (inner binding?) of what looks like mahogany around the perimeter of the arched centre section on both front and back. Binding is also mahogany which contrasts beautifully against the rich amber of the main timber (Spruce? Pine? Maple?).

The neck is a multi-laminate affair fronted by an ebony fingerboard with pearloid position markers and has a Rellog pickup tastefully and unobrusively installed in the end of the fingerboard with the output positioned, rather strangely, on the heel of the neck.

This Musima Record would appear to be the larger sibling of the Musima mandolin that we looked at last November.

The guitar is currently located in Poland and has a Buy It Now price of approximately $1,923 USD (£1,228 or €1.453).

G L Wilson

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