Friday, 24 February 2012

The curse of the carved guitar: hideous Mockingbird copy

O brothers in guitarhood, let's lament on this new manifestation of the evil that creeps if the dark depths of human's psyche... 

In spite of the horrid carving job, you all recognized the unforgettable Mockingbird design - the emblematic B.C. Rich guitar, from a time when they created several alternative designs and not just ugly metal-oriented pointy guitars. 

I often have the feeling that in democracies, people easily misuse their freedom for pointless things and accept being controlled for what really matters. What can one do to a guitar is one of these abuses...


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  1. Jeez, I actually own this guitar for 2 months now. It looks cool and sounds ok ..

  2. Some people dare to be different. Try it sometime you boring ass fuckwad.

  3. Some dare to be different. Try it sometime, you boring assed fuckwad.



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