Monday, 26 November 2012

the jaguaro-bisonesque Antoria 993

Here is a 1960s Antoria 993 that seems to combine the body of a Jaguar with the horns of a Bison (something that might interest also cryptozoologists, mythologists and readers of Jorge Luis Borges) for a unique feel. Antoria was an early British guitar company that started in the 1950s before shifting production to the FujiGen Gakki factory where they shared some models with Ibanez, as much as their cloning policy actually!  

Their guitars have been made visible by then by musicians such as Hank Marvin (I swear I will not make jokes about the Shadows on this blog anymore!) Since 2007 a new company took over the brand but they just produce Fender/Gibson copies (what's the point, really?)

Almost the same model was presented on Guitarz a couple of years ago, it was not a 993 model but a 994 - I assume the difference amounts to 0,01%...

Bertram D

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  1. I like these stange hybridised models quite a lot.... But I have to say the switches are hilarious. I understand they had no other parts suited to the job (and when in doubt go heavy duty) but switches like this give the term circut breaker new meaning.

    Also, I think the same train of thought that gave us this guiat also gave us the musima eterna.

    We need more people who can think like that.

    1. I love these big square knobs, I don't know why they never use that on guitars anymore!

    2. Fragility? I think perhpa they don't last as long and are mor prone to problems than slider switches.

      Alltho the idiot who invented the mini toggle switch needs a clip round the earhole. Now there's an aesthetic disaster.

  2. Those big square switches come from electric organs makers. You can find dozens in trash bins all around the world if you like them. All you need is a screwdriver,solder and iron.It could be a good idea for a guitar project!



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