Wednesday, 21 November 2012

From France... the Daguet Dagrite 2
The guitar pictured here is a Daguet Dagrite 2 belonging to Guitarz reader Rhodri Kasperbauer (we've previously looked at another one of his guitars, an Austrian-made Andreas Fierce Shark). He comments that:
To be honest, it's many things I don't usually like in guitars - 3/3 headstock, truss rod at headstock end, binding, pickup selector switch position, style of controls, set neck, etc...

But, it is actually a superb guitar, great personality and quality. Note the 'German carve' on the body and pickup selector, the inclusion of Hallmark parts (great quality), the nod to Mosrite (maker Roger Daguet met him in the USA and acknowledges this) and (I feel personally) a Rickenbacker influence and maybe even that of Roger Rossmeisl.
Perhaps we don't feature enough French guitars on this blog. I have previously mentioned Daguet Guitars before, but that was just very briefly, so it's great to have these photos of Rhodri's own Daguet Dagrite 2 to publish here. You'll find the full specifications of this guitar on the Daguet website - make sure to check out their other stunning creations while you're there!

G L Wilson

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  1. I keep thinking it's reminiscent of the Gibson Victory. Will have to track one of those down to feature on the blog...

    1. There's been an entry for the Victory previously.



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