Friday, 9 November 2012

1982 Japanese Matsumoku-made Aria Pro II Urchin Junior model
We've looked at a 1980s-era Matsumoku-made Aria Pro II Urchin before, but I hadn't reaslised that they also made this 3/4-scale "Junior" version of the Urchin which the seller tells us was manufactured in 1982. (I could have done with a short-scale guitar like this recently for a piece that required playing in an A-a tuning).

This guitar is currently listed on eBay Uk with a Buy It Now price of £315.

G L Wilson

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1 comment:

  1. I am the seller of this guitar.
    If anyone knows any info about it I would much appreciate it. I have trawled the web and found no mention of it.
    It really is a lovely bit of kit. far superior to any modern kids production guitar. In fact it could be classed as just a short scale guitar. and it might of suited your project well GL. although it is tuned G-C-F-Bb-D-C. I think tuning it to A would require different gauge strings as they would probably be a bit floppy. Thanks for featuring it. :-)



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