Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Eat my short(s)-scale bass: Mosrite Celebrity III Model 221 Mark X  
Most modern bass players wouldn't entertain the idea of a large-bodied hollowbody instrument with a short-scale length. I'd imagine it would produce quite a boomy tone. However, I can't help like this Mosrite Celebrity III Model 221 Mark X bass from 1969 (is that enough model designations already?). Apparently this was the rarest Mosrite colour (for some reason I often find green guitars appealing even though it's not a colour I am usually drawn to), and that there was only a single run of guitars finished in transparent green across several models in the range. Check out also the Bart Simpson machine heads!

With its close string-spacing and short-scale this Mosrite would probably be better suited to the guitarist who dabbles with bass occasionally, rather than a dedicated bassist. But then with a Buy It Now price of $3,495 it's most likely to be bought by a collector rather than a player.

G L Wilson

[Edit: I'd totally forgotten that we'd looked at one of these before. That particular example, in sunburst finish, was being offered for sale at $795, which makes the above pictured example a tad optimistically priced, I'd say. Even if it is a rarer finish. That's one helluva lot of money for a green finish. Note also, these are not just short-scale basses, but they are ULTRA short being just 24.5" in scale length.]

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