Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fantastic video clip of Les Paul and Mary Ford
Tony writes:
Take a look at this clip of Les Paul and Mary Ford playing their Les Pauls. Les has a typical LP with P90s. Mary's bridge pickup is different, though. It doesn't look like a P90. Is it missing? I can't quite tell.


Tony Deafradio
Thanks for that. I can't tell either what the deal is with Mary's bridge pickup, but it's a great video clip all the same.

G L Wilson

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  1. Mary didn't show off her guitar chops very often, but obviously she picked up a few things in their time together!

  2. I'll just leave this here and go.

    Mary Ford's SG Custom up on Ebay (likely from les Paul's estate).

  3. Love that gag at the end

  4. What a day-brightener!

  5. Interesting - obvious Les had been tinkering... his has a home made vibrato similar to the one on "The Log" his test bed for solid guitars. Also note jack plugs in the front where one of the tone controls should be on both of them... intriging..

  6. the bridge pickup look like a humbucker, we can see it best a 4:08

    1. To me, it looks like a bar magnet in the centre, and four fixing screws in the corners - Could it be some kind of solid body adapted Charlie Christian pickup?

  7. What a fantastic clip. Thank you! Every guitarist young and old knows the name Les Paul but how many have actually heard him? The first time I listened to Les Paul was on the Chester and Lester LP from 1976. Its a jokey, bad record with Les Paul being rude and Chet Atkins seemingly embarrassed. It took me another twenty years before I hunkered down and listened to him properly. I agree with cool arrow. Mary Ford had far more chops then she normally showed and unlike the Chester and Lester debacle, here they are funny and sweet. There are so many great women guitar players who don't get recognized for there skill. A case in point is Dolly Parton solo on TOTP in the late sixties - . Check out her finger nails.



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