Saturday, 24 November 2012

Gretsch Spectrasonic G6144 C Melody Baritone by TV Jones

Another guitar I'd love to play before I die - preferably on stage (the playing - well also the dying if I come to this) - is this wonderful Gretsch Spectrasonic G6144 C Melody Baritone designed by luthier Thomas V. Jones - originally for Brian Setzer. Not only I'm more and more into baritone guitars (preferably with a very long scale like this one - tuned in C), but it is one of best designs I've ever seen - I just love that pickguard!

This model (with chambered body, Powertron pickups and Bigsby trem) - together with a regular guitar version and a bass one was short lived in the early 2000s but TV Jones' own company took over the production since - not for cheap I'm afraid...

Bertram D

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  1. This seems to be what the MotorAve Bel Aire is inspired by.

    1. they've been both inspired by an old Harmony model.

  2. I've just got one of the new TV Jones spectra sonic baritones in metallic silver. Very nice, very different from my Danelectro longhorn baritone.



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