Thursday, 29 November 2012

Aristides OIO Aluminum Guitar

I love aluminium guitars. I was after an aluminium Strat body a while back but it fell through. Still, I did manage to snag a nice Tokai Talbo last year (the same actual one, coincidently, featured on these very pages a couple of years ago). It had a worn patch in the shape of Australia right where you rest your forearm.

Anyway... today I stumbled across this lovely music making metal machine. WOW! What a Beaut! It even looks like part of an engine. Air intake and exhaust and all. These guitars are made from "Arium", which sounds like some kind of composite material, which is then given an "Aluminium finish". I shall investigate further and post an update. Truth be told, I'm too excited to wait. What a NICE guitar!

At £1250 smackeroonies, it's a bit rich for me just before Xmas so I'm going to pass it up. If I win the Lottery, I may well change my mind.

The seller says:
It's an innovative new guitar design by Aristedes, the OIO model with an aluminum finish on an arium body and neck. Arium is a special material developed by Aristedes for a guitar with a loud tone with lots of sustain. It's got 22 medium jumbo frets for easy playability, and a push/pull pot so you can split the humbucker.
The specs as follows:

One piece Arium body and neck, ebony fretboard, 25.5" scale length, 10-16" fretboard radius, 22 medium jumbo frets, Seymour Duncan TB-5 humbucker, APS-2RWRP Middle Pickup, APS-2 Neck Pickup, master volume and tone controls, 5-way switch, Graphtech nut, Wilkinson VS100N tremolo bridge by Gotoh, and Sperzel locking tuners.

Great for Light Metal
David in Barcelona

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  1. it looks like very high quality "plastic" and if you go to Aristides's homepage,you will notice that it's very chambered.

  2. Damn! look at it in the red metallic. looks Like a ferrari with strings.

  3. another gorgeous guitar, you've been on a roll

  4. Love the "strakes" or what ever they are under the relief holes ( or whatever they're called)

  5. Thats one awesome guitar man! Cool...You have a great site. I wish mine was as good. Take a look at it sometime it's pretty cool too.



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