Monday, 12 November 2012

Unidentified Höfner Verithin

Despite my efforts - I must have checked 100 guitar models on the inevitable website - I couldn't identify this Höfner Verithin archtop guitar from the late 1960s. It has plenty of highly recognisable elements - the 3 Nova-Sonic 511 humbuckers, the oval control plate, the round single cutaway, the mother-of-toilet-seat contoured pickguard, the tremolo, the bicolor headstock - plus some less current, like the knobs mounted directly on the top instead of on an arched control plate (I guess that the flowers have been added later by an owner, they are really not höfnery), but I couldn't find the combination of all this in a identifiable model... It's frustrating but not surprising, Höfner released so many different models over the last 6 decades that it's not the first time this happens to me...

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  1. Wonderful piece of guitar. Check with NEMC they might have this kind of stuff. They provide musical instruments on rental basis.

  2. The body depth looks too deep for a Verithin, needs to be approx 30mm. That one looks like one of the thinline models.Geoff

  3. I have the same guitar (without flower stickers) and found no number or model. But I`m happy to see that there is one more this strange guitar once made by hofner.



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