Monday, 2 February 2015

GAGNON LG1-CG Acoustic copy of Gibson - Optimistic builder or Typo?


Allow that to sink in for a moment.

I think that this is a very nice guitar. It looks well crafted and probably plays quite nicely. I'm sure that the luthier worked very hard and that many hours were spent working on this guitar.

But $37,500?

My French is pretty weak so I'll allow google translator to do the honours:

 Guitar 'Gagnon' acoustic Vintage style finish # 2014 series Lg1cg05 'EBONY BRIDGE', similar to the famous 'Gibson LG1' manufactured by CG guitars, Quebec, Canada. small body all solid wood, mahogany, Adirondac) the sound is super good .Tendre to play, slightly pock scratch or almost new .Négociable

It's a good thing that the price is negotiable. I wonder how much wiggle room there is.

R.W. Haller

Update: The seller has changed the price to $350,00. The odd placement of the comma leads me to believe that perhaps we're dealing with a "lost in translation" scenario. Possibly they are not very computer literate and are trying to sell for $350. In which case that would be a pretty good deal.
I was also finally able to access his website and it looks like the prices are fairly reasonable there. So we will call the original $37,500 ( exactly as it was written  ) a typo

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  1. In some countries they use commas instead of decimal points. So “$350,00” is the same as “$350.00."

  2. Yes, I suspected that once the price changed, and honestly feel bad for calling the guy out initially. But it did say $37,500 so even the comma placement was off. And I've seen ridiculously priced ads before so it was plausable.




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