Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kawai S180 4 Pickup Hounddog Taylor Model from the 1960s

Break out your sunglasses, it's going to get a little shiny around here.

Look at all the chrome on this hot rod.

Four pickups, rocker switches, and a tremolo arm that could easily be weaponized ( for some of the more unsavoury gigs ).

Does anyone else see a similarity to Ibanez Jet King guitars?

The high E being pulled so far out of alignment by the string tree is hurting my slightly OCD brain though

R.W. Haller

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  1. This is an amazing badass guitar!

  2. With the whammy, distinctive tailpiece and everything! This is a serious machine. Wish I had one of these. Why is it tagged as an Ibanez? This was made by Teisco, and Kawaii has two "Is" It means "cute" or "small" in Japanese. Still, this is the best quality I have seen of one of these amazing guitars.

  3. anyone knows where i can find that guitar for buy it?

  4. Got one of these and It's amazing!!

  5. My first guitar was a Kawai - it looked exactly like this, but it had only 2 pickups and 2 rocker switches. Does anyone know what the model number of my guitar was? My dad picked it up in a pawn shop in NYC around 1965. It sounded great but the pearloid tuning buttons were brittle and eventually broke off. I used to tune it with a pliers! I finally got rid of it when I got a better American guitar... but these photos bring back great memories!



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