Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Rare Electric Norman from the Godin family of guitars


I apologize if my posts have been excessively Canadian-centric. I look here in Canada for guitars so it's where I find a lot of my source material. And, I'm learning more every day without breaching my own borders.

For example; Norman made electric guitars.Yes they did, just like this one listed in my own proverbial back yard.

I know enough about the history of Norman to know that they were a factory that existed before Robert Godin bought it and transformed it into the success it is today, and that they mainly built windows and only dabbled in guitars. There is a great profile here on the history of Godin. I've always known Norman guitars as being one of the entry to mid level acoustic guitar lines under the Godin umbrella not as a builder of electric guitars.

Nice to see this simple one pickup solid body that predates the Godin line of electric guitars. Nice nod to a tulip as well, and great to see the original cheque that paid for it in 1985.

R.W. Haller

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  2. I worked for a music store that sold Seagull acoustics back in the early 90's. Norman was always thought of as a parallel but separate company at the time because the general quality for the respective instruments was more or less the same. Since then I've seen a lot of vintage Norman products pop up but never an electric. Always cool to see Canadiana represented - great find!




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