Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Swagerty Kook-A-La-Lee vintage twin-neck ukelele for cool surfer dudes
Here's quite a curious item... not only is it a surf-inspired Swagerty Kook-A-Lee designed with an elongated pointed headstock to allow it to be stuck in the sand on the beach, but it's the mega rare twin-necked variety too, and regular readers will know how I like my double-necks!

It does seem odd to have an instrument with such a long neck (or necks as in this instance) where the majority of what makes up the neck is actually the headstock! The fingerboards appear to be moulded from plastic and include integral frets as part of the moulding. I'm guessing the twin necks on this model would allow for alternate tunings.

This particular example is currently listed for sale on eBay UK (hey, there can't be too many of these in the UK) and bidding is currently at £410 with a just over a day to go before end of auction at the time of writing.

G L Wilson

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