Thursday, 5 February 2015

Vintage Hayman 4040 Bass guitar with custom aftermarket paint work

Having been a fan of Burns guitars for a number of years it's a little embarrassing that it was not until I saw this guitar that I heard of Hayman guitars. Haymans didn't really make their way across the pond. I had never seen them before.

I was hooked immediately.

I now have a hunk of walnut with a hayman body shape drawn upon it awaiting my saw and router.

This early 1970s Hayman 4040 bass was repainted at some point but seems to have aged quite well, even if it somewhat belies its own heritage.

Currently on eBay for  $875 US

R.W. Haller

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  1. I used to own a 40/40 guitar. It was very nice once I swapped the 10k (!) pots for 500ks. The neck was a little narrow though.
    The same people later made Shergold Guitars, which are very similar looking.

  2. I very much covet the 40/40, but never have had one in my hands. I have pretty big hands so its good to know about the narrowness of the neck. Do you regret getting rid of it?

    1. I do regret selling it. The pickups were very interesting. They were the Re-An humbuckers. The coils were toroidal bobbins on ferrite cores, like AM radio antennas. For what ever reason the guitar had 10k pots which made it dark sounding. Replacing the pots opened the tone up. The bridge was very rusty though, so it was hard to adjust.

      I saw one of these basses for sale once, but I already had a Vox Phantom XII Stereo on layaway at the store.

  3. I almost bought one close to me a while back ( and by close, i mean a 4 hr drive away ). I decided against it, and though it probably was great for my marriage, I'm still left to wonder what could have been........



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