Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fender Hellecaster

Look twice, this looks like a Stratocaster, but it's a Fender Hellecaster, a limited edition John Jorgenson signature model released in 1997. 

It has split pickups similar to those used on the Electric XII and later on G&L guitars, an inverted big headstock (that looks extremely cool and should be standard on strats), and nice sparkle finish. 

So with a little effort, one can make a strat look good after all!

Bertram D

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  1. Love the headstock :D and how would split pickups sound?

    1. Judging by the G&L's I've played, probably pretty good!

      The execution here is precisely what I'm after in my "MIM makeover". Root beer sparkle, gold mirrored scrachplate and I think ultimately, a reverse headstock. How can you get enough of that? The inlays are to die for!

  2. The pickups are just so they can be humbucking. One coil is reverse wound from the other. I'm sure they sound little different from a regular Strat pickup.

  3. just saw a Squier version at a pawn shop, not nearly as nice, a gaudier gray with color sparkle, same reversed headstock, though normal Strat, not CBS, two humbuckers, no PG. This one is much much nicer

  4. I've got the same guitar, and I can't tell you how it sounds because I keep it in its case. I have number 23 of 500.

    These came out of Fenders Japan custom shop, and between all 3 Hellecaster guitars (Will's, Jerry's and John's) this one seems to be the most valuable. It has a maple body so it's pretty heavy, and the controls are different. You have a master volume, master tone, and a bass roll-off (it gets super twangy) that is alsoa push-pull pot so you can use all 3 pickup sets at the same time.

    Rumor has it that these guitars and other Japan Custom Shop were getting better reviews than the USA Custom Shop guitars. Fenders corporate was not liking that and the custom shop of Japan was short lived. I can believe that because my guitar is stamped "0023" yet only 500 were produced. Why was the extra "0" stamped? Fender fans also know how highly regarded the regular Japan built guitars are. Small surprise that their Custom Shop might be a little too good for Fenders corporate standards, I know my John Jorgenson Hellecaster is a well built guitar.

    Just my 2 cents, enjoy.



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